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Offshore Manager

Nome da empresaNorskan Offshore  Localidade da empresaMacaé e Região, Brasil

Descrição da vaga

Tasks include, but are not limited to:
· Ensure safety and quality in the execution of underwater operations and aboard the vessel of the project team;
· Ensure familiarity with the project;
· Ensure that procedures and task plans are prepared and distributed;
· Ensure that Risk Assessments and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) are performed for all safety critical operations;
· Ensure that the contractual requirements of Subsea DOF and Clients are implemented and maintained within the project. Special emphasis during service scope survey, should be placed on data quality, processing and reporting;
· Conduct daily reports on operational issues of the vessel design required by the specific contract, example:
a) Daily progress report (DPR)
b) Meeting of minutes - MOM
c) Personnel on board (POB)
d) Requests for material and other logistical documents
e) Business correspondence, other internal business correspondence required.
· Monitor daily field and operations records (online, ROV and offline) and, where appropriate, ensure that the operations technician completes a copy or summary for inclusion in the company's experience / knowledge database in DOCmap;
· Ensure that reports of breakdowns and equipment repair reports are issued and sent to those responsible;
· Direct other key operational tasks, and in particular, effectively direct the use of personnel, equipment, and other resources in the event of problems or breaks;
· Introduction / briefing of new personnel to DOF Subsea processes and procedures;
· Continuously monitor the progress and activities carried out on board to reduce vessel time and risk against impact on schedule and cost, as well as encourage suggestions for improvements in teamwork and operational techniques;
· Monitor and track incoming and returning shipments. Establish Mobilization list and Demobilization list of DOF Subsea Brazil equipment and ensure that lists are sent to land prior to Demobilization, so actions are taken to repair, store or return leased equipment to avoid unnecessary rent;
· Promote and participate in HSEQ activities to ensure compliance with applicable requirements;
· At the conclusion of the project, ensure that informational material is produced, including a complete list of stock data, copies of reports, all project correspondence, etc. (digital copies);
· Prepare reports and participate in experience feedback sessions after the completion of projects;
· Comply with all directives and instructions outlined in the EMS (Environmental Management System) that are an integral part of the HSEQ system;
· Attend meetings at the base when requested by the Project Manager or Project Department Manager;
· Attend courses, trainings and seminars as required by the Company.
· Represent the DOF Subsea Brazil on board the vessel, and be responsible for the execution of the services;
· Receive and fulfill the daily schedule of services;
· Supervise the operations, coordinating the teams involved, maneuvering the equipment and the correct positioning of the vessel;
· Coordinate operations, maintaining contact with maritime units, when involved;
· Raise the anomalies presented and correct the non-conformities informed by the inspection through the Anomaly Treatment Report (RTA), preparing the appropriate action plans, in order to implement the necessary corrective actions;
· Report activity reports;
· Elaborate the planning of the services;
· Take responsibility for the quality control of the services provided;
· Detail the planning and the schedule contemplating: steps of operations with the estimated times, norms and procedures applicable, specification of necessary resources, SMS and sketches care;
· Make provision for the needs of materials, equipment, tools, necessary for the execution of the services;
· Issue quality reports when requested or when needed.
Your responsibility is to perform your tasks on time and within the company's quality standarts.
Desired Skills and Experience:
Required Instruction:
Graduation in Engineering, Oceanography, Geology or Geography;
Post-graduation in Subsea Engineering. ( Experience can make up for the lack of formally proven competence)
Experience / Knowledge / Skills:
Relevant experience of 3 years in supervising underwater operations using special construction vessels and / or ROV inspection; Kongsberg APOS software; Navipac;; Microstation; Leadership and Team Development.