HotSoucer recruits to Dubai

HotSource was developed to provide a fresh approach to the way UK businesses recruit their staff. Our method boasts numerous benefits that overpower the direct services of any preferred recruiter or agency. We give hiring managers an unparalleled scope of the best available professionals in their industry and the ability to utilise the networks and resources of the UK’s most elite recruiters from multiple sectors overnight.


I am currently recruiting for positions in the Oil and Gas and Drilling sector in Dubai.
1 : Electrical Technician 2 : Instrument Technician 3 : Rig Electrician
Please contact me with name, number and email address ASAP for more details. Engineering, Project Management, Crewing, Marine and Offshore jobs.Please give my post a "comment", or simply give it a "like" so that I could refer to your profile And please don't be hesitate to share it. Who knows that it will be your next company? Thank you In Advance Notice: I ONLY reply to qualified candidates.