Swift recruta para trabalhar em um de seus clientes, multinacional da área de Óleo e Gás, localizada no Rio de Janeiro/RJ;


Carries out assembly/ disassembly work and operations and maintenance relating to the BOP system and pertaining control systems;
Conduct daily inspections and top up oil reservoirs for hydraulic power units and register any consumption. Shall check on the levels in storage tanks for hydraulic oil and report to the Technical Section Leader.
Attend to the maintenance of machine tools for hydraulic equipment.
Carry out repairs to/ maintenance of drilling-related equipment at the request of the Toolpusher.
Responsible for ensuring that the BOP system and pertaining control systems are in working order and keep the system maintained at the required level.
Responsible for carefully studying drawings and manuals relating to the rig's hydraulic system & BOP system.
Responsible for reporting to the Toolpusher, and Technical Manager if applicable, any faults, defects and irregularities relating to hydraulic systems and pertaining equipment;


- Mechanic technician or Degree in Engineering;
- Knowledge in Hydril BOP/ Control system
- Valid Passaport
- Fluent English

Candidatos interessados devem encaminhar currículos em inglês, com pretensão salarial para: (mencionar o nome da vaga no assunto